Pro and Cons of Ceramic Floor Tile

Ceramic tile is one of popular flooring materials for several good reasons. Ceramic tile comes in a seemingly endless variety of colors, patterns, surface textures, and available in many sizes. Ceramic floor tile also durable and water-resistant. Superior durability and easy maintenance are another attractive features of ceramic floor tile. This is one of the most durable and easily cleaned coverings you can put on a wall or floor. For this reason ceramic tile is commonly used in bathrooms for floors, and often for walls — especially in shower enclosures.

Although there are so many advantages, ceramic tile also have several disadvantages. Ceramic tiles are not resilient and rigid as concrete; so anything dropped on them will break. Standing on a ceramic tile floor for long hours as in a kitchen can cause backache and muscle fatigue. And although ceramic tile is easy to take care, the grouting is hard to clean.

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